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Stand Up for Towel Day 2017

Thursday 25th May 2017
Waterstone’s, Tottenham Court Road, London

2017 saw the inaugural Stand Up for Towel Day. Hosted by Rachel Wheeley in the basement of a Waterstone’s bookshop in London, the event brought together a whole host of acts and guests to pay tribute to Douglas Adams’s work including long-term collaborator John Lloyd, as well as Douglas’s brother, James Thrift.

Set List

Kevin Jon Davies

TV and video director Kevin worked on the BAFTA award-winning animation sequences of the 1981 Hitchhiker’s Guide television adaptation. He shared with us exclusive findings from Douglas Adams’s very own notebooks that gave insight into the origins and the writing of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

Paul Duncan McGarrity

Comedian Paul gave voice to a confused whale who, in true Hitchhiker’s style, commentated on what he could see as he materialised and plummeted through the air to his inevitable demise.

Simon Watt

Comedian, biologist, writer, science communicator, and TV presenter Simon (Ugly Animal Preservation Society , Level Up Human) gave a talk on the economic theory of the ‘Shoe Event Horizon‘.

Steve Cross

Comedian, scientist, and host of Science Showoff, Steve Cross delved deep into the original Hitchhiker’s book to find out once and for all the exact date the world ended for Arthur Dent and the rest of the population of Earth using his incredible skills of investigative journalism.

Samantha Baines

Award-winning comedian, actress, author, and broadcaster, Samantha performed some original Hitchhiker’s themed poetry.

Ben Lund-Conlon

Comedian Ben gave a heartfelt essay where he reflected on learning of Douglas Adams’s death.

Michael Conterio

Michael spoke about discovering The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy through his dad and asked the question ‘Why does everyone in the universe sound so posh?’

Declan Kennedy & Jonathan Hearn

Declan (Ford Prefect) and Jonathan (Arthur Dent) brought to life Adams’s characters in a new fan fiction sketch:

Far out in the uncharted backwater of the western spiral arm of the galaxy, a small
unassuming bookshop is host to two startled galactic hitchers. Arthur Dent is home again…but how? Is it the Earth he remembers? What role does Zaphod play in all this? Will Arthur finally be able to get a stamp on his customer loyalty card? Can things just not go right for a change? If they can’t…. Who will rescue Ford and Arthur?

The Story Beast

Foremost expert on the worst poetry in the universe, The Story Beast joined us to read some of Paula Nancy Millstone Jenning’s work and pay tribute to her.

John Lloyd

Comedy writer/producer and friend and collaborator of Douglas Adams, John Lloyd joined us to read some extracts from the book he wrote with Douglas in 1983, The Meaning of Liff.

Production Team

Rachel Wheeley & Florence Schechter

Logo Design
Florence Schechter

Production Photos
Steve Cross

Production Video
Kevin Jon Davies

With thanks to
The staff at Waterstone’s, Tottenham Court Road

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