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Our Regulars

Cerys Bradley

(Dr.) Cerys Bradley is a comedian, writer, and researcher.

Their shows The Unfortunate Bisexual, The History of Lesbianism, and A Unifying Theory of Gay have been performed at the Edinburgh and Brighton Fringe festivals, and the Green Man Festival. They are a member of the Soho Theatre Young Company and reached the semi-final stage of the renowned Amused Moose new comedian competition in 2020.

In 2019, they filmed a comedy set for BBC Sesh which has had 2.3 million views on Facebook.

They produce and present The Coming Out Tapes podcast, an audio archive of LGBTQ+ coming out stories as well as being a Stonewall School Role Model and giving talks on LGBTQ+ history and culture in schools.

Michael Conterio

Michael is a comedian and science communicator.

He has performed science comedy with Bright Club Cambridge and Science Showoff in London, at the Cambridge Science Centre, in a field at the EMF Camp Festival, and on stage in the Bloomsbury Theatre as part of Robin Ince’s Christmas Ghosts.

As well as science comedy, Michael has a background in improvised comedy, being part of the Cambridge Impronauts for 10 years. He directed and produced their successful 2011 Edinburgh Fringe show, And the Award Goes To…

He currently runs The Variables, a Science Comedy Troupe based in Cambridge.

Steve Cross

Steve is a stand-up comedian, presenter and producer, travelling across the UK helping all sorts of intellectual types share their passions. He founded Bright Club, the international network of academic comedy clubs, and performs at comedy, music, science and tech festivals around the world.

He also trains clever people to be funny, through his project CLEVERmakeFUNNY and plays Chagrin the Fighter on wildly-successful comedy fantasy podcast Chaotic Adequate.

Steve does things that aren’t jokes too. He works as a public engagement consultant and is a Wellcome Trust Engagement Fellow, working on new ways to build communities where everyone can talk about science.

Angus Dunican

Angus is an award-winning stand up comedian, winning the ‘Pick of the Fringe Award’ for his one man show, The Vanity Project in 2016. 

He is also an actor, appearing on stage and film, and a writer. His work includes Doctor Who: Deleted Scenes for Big Finish.

He is the founder of and stars in the improv troupe Jack Left Town.

Declan Kennedy & Jonathan Hearn

Declan is an actor, writer, and comedian. In 2019 he was a finalist in the Not So New Comedian of the Year Award.

Jonathan is also an actor, writer, and comedian. He runs regular comedy night Jester Jesters.

Together they create and perform little speculative scenes recreating what Arthur Dent and Ford Prefect might have done next, to try and recapture the fun, surreal, and unexpected comedy and wit Douglas Adams brought to everything.

Paul Duncan McGarrity

Paul is the UK’s foremost stand-up comedian archaeologist.

He began performing stand up in 2009 and since then has been combining his day-job as a Senior Archaeologist with Museum of London Archaeology with his growing popularity on the UK comedy circuit. He has supported Hal Cruttenden on tour, appeared on The Big Dig on BBC4, been a main cast member in the hugely successful Knightmare Live stage show, and in 2011 reached the final of the prestigious Amused Moose Laugh Off.

Katie Overstall

Katie is a writer, performer, and dramaturg.

In 2010 she co-founded The Underground Clown Club, a theatre company specialising in poetry and new writing, and has performed with them at venues and festivals across the country. For this, the internet once said she was a genius, and as we know the internet never lies.

She believes her greatest achievement to date is writing a poem rhyming 42 different words with ‘Slartibartfast’ for The Hitchhiker’s 42nd anniversary event at the British Library.

Currently she is performing in Around the World with Nellie Bly, a one-woman adventure story for kids, created for Shedlight Stories.

The Story Beast

The Story Beast is the hairy, scary alter-ego of comedian, poet, and storyteller, John Henry Falle. In his Story Beast guise he has travelled the country with his wyrd tales and songs doing adult comedy gigs and poetry for children and has performed at the Tower Of London, Hadrian’s Wall and The British Library to name a few.

He was nominated for the Edinburgh Comedy Award and the Malcolm Hardee Award for Comic Originality for reciting Beowulf in “Old English”, Die Hard as Lord Byron, and a seven-minute Rock Opera taking in the entire Geological History of Earth among many other strange and unnatural acts.

He has appeared in Astonishing Tales of Super Unexpectedness for The Beano on Sky and in his own series on history, folklore, and nature for schools, The Map Of Wonders.

He can currently be heard in piratical musical podcast, The Ballad of Anne & Mary playing courageous Captain Jonathan Barnet.

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